Bill kaulitz and andreas dating

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He also has to face the new mechanic that his father hired who keeps trying to come onto him.Will Bill be able to cope and fall in love all over again, or will it be too much? Tom and Bill are about to turn sixteen and ready to be wed off. Bill is being forced to be courted by the only available man that would take him, and it's not by choice. Bill and Tom are in love with each other, but that is a sin in their village and they must hide it or risk being caught and shunned from their village forever.Slim6 ft 1 in or 185.5 cm75 kg or 165 pounds Bill Kaulitz dated –His dark eyeliner, different looks, and pop rock music. It was a German language album released under the name of the band “Tokio Hotel.” The album was released on September 19, 2005, via Island Records.More than half a million copies were sold in the world.

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She agreed to be in their music video but she never agreed to fall in love with one of them.And if I write them in Dutch, nobody would understand it.So have fun on my blog and thank you all for your comments. However, their secret love life doesn't stay secret for long.Bill is now caught in the middle of keeping Tom safe and keeping Bushido happy.

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