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If you expect others to be upfront, you have to do the same about yourself.

Once you start compromising facts, you could find yourself in a difficult situation and more vulnerable to something going wrong.

Ask the prospective lover for their identity: get their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

It might be better to speak on the phone before you meet-up – it could help you suss out the sort of person they are.

This goes for medication too – people have been known to have sex, then pocket someone’s meds from the bathroom cabinet afterwards.

Don’t keep on drinking just for the sake of your company.

If someone does something illegal, like tries to threaten you or doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, then report it to law enforcement.

You don’t need to go all TMI and tell them the exact details of what you plan to get up to, but make sure you’ve told someone where you are.Especially if you’re not sure about the person, it’s best to stay on the cautious side.If the person you’ve met up with has bad intentions, they may well try plying you with drink as a means to getting them. Clearly drugs alter your perceptions of reality and how you respond to that – they won’t keep you safe on a date or hook-up.It’s not worth taking the risks in the long run for the sake of fleeting sexual satisfaction.We can all masturbate, and apparently it’s good for the planet.

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