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I mean, you know, that's just not gonna necessarily be as lucrative.How can you set realistic goals without crushing their spirit?Lisa: So, how do you, Alex, shape your kids towards more realistic expectations?You know, for them, I mean, every high school student is gonna either say, "Well, I want to be a doctor," or a lawyer or I want to be an actor (Chuckling).If you don't have those skills and abilities, it'll be apparent relatively quickly and then what we need to do is help you find a major where you are gonna be successful in.I think sometimes what happens now is, people who are going for the money.

He'll be sharing more on "Focus on the Family" with your host, Focus president and author, Jim Daly and I'm John Fuller. If I got 10, 15,000 in two years like you're talkin' about and I'm gonna drop out and find out they have no earning power, so I can't even make the payment of 0 a month. So, the default rate among dropouts is really high, even though the default, the amount of debt they have isn't as high as that the graduates have.John: Yeah, he's a professor of engineering and physics at California Baptist University in Riverside, California, and he and his wife, Marni, have three kids—Karis, Jonathan and Abigail. Lisa: I feel like it wasn't too bad and honestly, I can't even remember the actual number, but I was pretty proactive in looking at my own schooling and paying for it. You gotta start getting on an income- based repayment plan at that point. Those numbers are actually the exception, and we hear 'em on the news, but 90 percent of those that borrow, borrow less than 50,000. That's five years after the so-called "recovery," right? So the families don't have the money to spend on it, so what do you do? (Laughter) No, and so, I was just like, I had these expectations of earning power directly out of college and no joke, when I finished and I had the cursed liberal arts degree that everyone makes fun of, my parents actually gave me a T-shirt that said, "I have a liberal arts degree. " (Laughter) So, that was my encouragement from them. And so, the triple jeopardy, I think, came into play, because all of a sudden, I'm stuck with assumptions that I couldn't meet.And then Jim, we have somebody else who's joined us here. And my, I'll be honest, my parents stepped in, helped out big time. When you look at the landscape today, you hear horrific stories where kids, and when I say "kids," I'm talkin' to 20-something college graduates coming out with a four-year degree, has 50, 60, sometimes over 0,000 of debt and they received a French Literature degree. You borrow a ton of money--that's the triple jeopardy. I mean, what would you say to the person who has those kind of assumptions of what are the realistic expectations for a college graduate at this point?How should they talk to their young person about their future? You know, if you want to find a good electrician or mechanic, they're usually over 55-years-old, because that's the median age of a skilled laborer. Alex: Whereas, the young ones coming in, there are not enough coming in.Alex: I think we can talk to them about what kind of field do you see yourself doing? So, if you do it well, and you can work hard and you're willing to go get apprenticed under somebody else, that can do quite well for you.

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