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Want to try something new for a romantic outing in the Halifax region? The Haliburton Hotel is routinely named one of the best romantic getaways in Halifax, but have you heard about their restaurant, Stories?

While eating in their dining room is always a special experience, sitting outside on their hidden patio is the perfect combination of romantic and private, despite being in the heart of the city.

Your tour begins in the Cultural Capital of Montreal, where high fashion mingles with old world attractions.

From there, travel to Moncton by train, where your coastal adventure gets underway.

Because of the Bay’s amazing tidal range, the base of the Rocks are covered in water twice a day, dramatically changing the view of the Rocks and surrounding scenery with each tide level.

On your way to the Rocks and Fundy National Park, you may wish to stop at the Salem & Hillsborough Railroad Museum to see an extensive collection of railway artifacts including an operating 1912 steam engine. During low tide, explore the ocean bottom or follow the Caribou Plain trail and boardwalk to the upland forest and bogs.

Continue along the jagged Atlantic coastline to the Bay of Fundy, a unique ecosystem known for its high tides—some of the largest in the world! Keep an eye and ear out for some of the Park’s stunning waterfalls!

When returning to the city from Pavia, take the scenic route on Purcell’s Cove road.

You’ll find a small parking area, and from there you’re at the look out.

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