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But after she broke up with him, she went out with an insufferable goth kid asshole for years, way longer than the previous two, the type of troublemaker who somehow drew a penis using a pencil on a stainless steel stool and flunked most of his classes while she was a perfect straight A student.I’m going to point out something you literally just said: .Sometimes it’s because they think they see the good in them and can fix them. And sometimes the shitty edgelords try to hide being shitty from people they’re trying to date.I recalled how a similar field hockey star and straight A student dated a loser type for years, someone who couldn’t even spell cynical.But you’re ascribing a whole lot of weirdness to someone who’s being straightforward with you. Or maybe they were the types who’d hang out in the alleyway doing needles or the like and I was better off without them. Because “think you’re cool and attractive and maybe want to kiss” sounds like a pretty good reason to be hot for someone.

You literally have no idea what their relationship is like, what they talk about or what they do when you’re not around.After all, I was never a Casanova of any kind, and maybe this is what I need to do.The more I thought about it, the more it seemed right.I’m wondering if this was her flirting or her finding another way to tease you because of how much it wigged you out. You aren’t coming across as the most reliable narrator, bro.Shit, I remember at one point I found her on Facebook years later out of curiosity, and she’s into that whole fixing the bad boy thing.

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